Meaningful Creative Work in 2023

Meaningful Creative Work in 2023

After hearing rumors out there — allow me to lay it out…

Yes, I’m starting a new 2023 role assisting Connection Point Church as a (very part-time) contracted instrumental director. This is in addition to my full-time role with (which will not change). Our home church will continue to be Pleasant Valley where my family, wife and I continue to serve behind the scenes. So unfortunately for those of you who’ve heard a rumor we’re switching — sorry to burst your bubble.

For those familiar with the servant-leadership required for large and diverse volunteer production & creative groups — you know the valuable lessons I’ve learned from 25 years in these environments will come in handy. I’m thankful to fill-in for Larry Jones and the gifted team already in place. It’s a joy to walk in, run the multi-tracks; call out the score measure numbers, and give the band a few spontaneous chord calls along the way.

And, yes, I’m STILL LOVING my current remote role as Senior Product Manager at (technology solutions firm) where I am privileged to serve a diverse portfolio of various partnerships; everything from mobile apps for global non-profit organizations and ministries … to technology solutions in the manufacturing realm.I’m humbled to have the above experiences and the ability to be a part of teams doing meaningful creative work!

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