“I don’t like the smoke”

“I don’t like the smoke”


What I wanted to reply:

“Please attend one of our non-smoking satellite services…
…they meet Sunday at Chick-fil-A.”

But this is probably how Jesus would respond…

Dear _____________,

I appreciate your helpful feedback regarding your recent experience at {name of your church}. Sharing preferences helps us in our ongoing efforts to craft a worship experience which helps individuals like yourself connect with God.

It’s worth noting that your sentiments regarding the water-based haze in the air are shared by some others as well. And we’ve also received feedback from individuals who find value in the vibrant colors of the light beams, which create an atmosphere reminiscent of 12th-century churches with the pioneering use of stained glass. The water-based haze plays a crucial role in making these beams of light visible.

While we understand that we may not be able to perfectly align with everyone’s preferences, we genuinely value knowing the diverse preferences of those who attend. This enables us to continually strive towards creating a welcoming environment where as many people as possible can have a meaningful encounter with Jesus.


{your name}

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