Modulation Mishap

Modulation Mishap

One memorable worship gathering — a band, orchestra, and organist were leading a well known song. For a special moment in the song, the plan was to musically modulate from the Key of C up a full step to the Key to D. Modulations work really well when everyone moves together to the new key. So we rehearsed it together to be sure it went really well. During rehearsal the modulation work wonderfully, as it was the perfect tension & release needed for the song. However, it didn’t go according to plan when we got to the worship gathering.

The problem started when half of the orchestral musicians began to modulate earlier than we had rehearsed. When the organist heard some of the musicians start to modulate — they became flustered. Making a split second decision, the organist, who was using a technology trick with a “modulation button” on the organ to transpose the organ to the new Key of D, accidentally transposed to the Key of C# instead. This led to simultaneous keys of C, C#, and D when every musician came crashing into the top of the verse.

It turned into a musical disaster! Imagine three different musical keys playing at the very same time. It was aweful sounding. In fact, it was so bad we all stopped amid laughter of how bad it sounded. We admitted to everyone a regroup was in order to continue the song.

Mistakes are going to happen. Whether encoding the wrong video stream or forgetting to remove a guitar capo — these imperfections can contribute to the authenticity of our worship of a perfect God. Sometimes the best thing to do is admit we are thankful for a perfect God who’s grace is sufficient fo us, and His power is made perfect in weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9).

God’s grace is sufficient in our musical and technology mistakes — and our lives as well. Our worth is not measured by mistakes. It’s measured by accepting God’s grace for our lives. In fact, our imperfect worship is worth-ship of God’s perfect love for us, despite our mishaps and mistakes.

May our teams be a perfect place for imperfect people.

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