“The worst 20 minutes of my week”

“The worst 20 minutes of my week”


“Came to the chapel to get away from the music in the worship center — the music & the volume are the worst 20 minutes of my week when I am in the worship center.”


I am thankful you have finally found refuge in our chapel service. I can finally stop reading your comments — literally the worst 10 seconds of my week.

Instead this reply is better…

I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts about the worship experience in the worship center. Your feedback is valuable to us as we continuously strive to create environments that resonates with worshippers.

I understand that the music and volume have not met your expectations, particularly during the 20 minutes you’ve spent in the worship center. Please know that your perspective matters, and we are committed to continually learn everyone’s experiences.

Please feel free to continue to offer insights that will help us tailor our worship services to better meet the diverse personal preferences within our congregation — whether in the chapel or in the worship center.

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