bryan k nelson

Creating without a purpose

Usually we create for a purpose. Rarely do we create without an end goal in mind. Here’s a musical idea that I put together — no real end purpose in mind. Enjoy.

Have a C.O.L.A. with your Team

Simple C.O.L.A. questions to ask a team after the weekend. What are we Celebrating? (God activity, what went well) What were Obstacles? (distractions from our goals, what could have gone better) What did we Learn? (things you learned for the first time, a brand new observation) What specific Action steps need to be taken this…
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The 7-Minute Sound Check

After years of frustrating back and forth between production and musicians — I finally made a solution to help get through sound checks in seven minutes. The concept isn’t complicated. It’s simply a guided click/guide track that calls out to the FOH and those on In Ear Monitor (IEM). It leverages a specific sound check song…
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“Lead Sheets” – what kind of music charts are they? Why use them?

Most of the time a “chord charts” is suffice for a worship leader. A “chord chart” is made up of lyrics and chords above the lyrics. One must listen to the recording in order to know how the melody goes rhythmically/pitch, tempo of song, texture of song, and how the song is structured. But “lead sheet”…
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Auditioning your worship team

Auditioning your worship team. Yuck. No one relishes the process — yet it’s done either officially or unofficially. Unless you have sign-ups for every position of course. Who want to preach next weekend? Sign up right here! What’s the best way to audition? Maybe you can learn from some of my past mistakes. First, know and…
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Make a Guitar Amp Fridge

Take a small cube fridge and an amp that no longer works for cheap — and make your own Amp Fridge. Hit me up for instructions.

Underscoring in Worship Settings

The bed of music played under a prayer, shepherding moment, or end of sermon can make or break a moment. Musicians try to find “just the right amount and kind” of music to play for these moments. Some musicians are really gifted at it. Other musicians need a little help. Why? Some musicians take a…
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