Portfolio + Projects

Meaningful Creative Work

An online audio ear-test for audio engineers.
Also home of the 7-Minute Sound Check solution.

Music studio, music writing/arranging, transcription service.

Those popular pandemic music videos with boxed musicians.
A complex process made simpler with this service.

Synchronized drive-in Christmas light show with live musicians.
Located in Liberty, MO at Pleasant Valley Baptist Church.

Cargo Shows guides organizations in building their own animated drive-in light show experiences.

Built a customized cost sheet solution for a specialized auto rebuilder.
Solution built in 2006 — zero mods and still going strong 10+ years later!

Makes a complex AWANA record keeping system simple!
Developer, Devon Clark, is now serving hundreds of churches with this resource on his own.

A pandemic-created “learn to play guitar” online video sessions.
Learn to play guitar with these six video sessions.