In-Ear Monitors (Under $100)

If you are looking for in-ear monitors — these will blow your $5 check-out isle ear buds all day long. They are in-ear … meaning they will isolate the sounds to your ear in a music situation, not the direct stage volume (which is what you want). If this is your first experience with in-ear kind, communication can be a challenge sometimes — unless what you are plugging into has an “on board mic” or there’s an “ambient audience or stage mic” in the system. If you go with the CCA C12’s be sure to get the kind WITHOUT the mic. You do not want a mic as a part of your music in-ear experience : )

Guitars (beginner to intermediate)

I will list three. GUITAR 1) Fender FA-125CE Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar – I will give you a few options here, this first one is for a guitar that would help someone be able to plug into a sound system and have an onboard tuner… Which are pretty nice things to have an a guitar, and this is a fairly decent guitar for what you are getting to start out of the gate. GUITAR 2) Slightly cheaper than option 1, but it will not have the onboard tuner, end it does not have the ability to be plugged straight into a sound system. But it’s a solid guitar to begin with and is a little smaller 3/4 size. GUITAR 3) A smaller 3/4 guitar made by Yamaha — and I LOVE that it comes with a guitar stand and tuner…you’ll pick it up more often. Yamaha JR1 3/4 Scale Mini Folk Guitar w/Guitar Stand and Tuner

Bass Guitar – beginner to intermediate

This is a solid bass guitar for beginners and well into advanced playing.

Bass Amp (home and gigs)

This has been a great bass guitar amp and SUPER LIGHT! I’m surprised by the sound I get through this guy!

Tuner (all instruments)

This is the tuner I use in all situation. It’s chromatic — so it works easily in all situations — guitar, bass, trombone — you name it. It’s both a vibration and mic tuner. It’s super portable. And it doesn’t break the bank. Get a few CR2032 batteries as a spare or two.

Guitar/Bass Stand

Always put your guitar/bass on a stand — never the floor or propped up somewhere. You don’t need something fancy, here’s a straight up stand.

Wall Hangers for Guitar

I only use this kind because they are rock solid and they protect the guitar from falling out of them.

Guitar Method Books

Guitar method books make sure you systematically learning. This is the method book I used with guitar students. This is all three levels in one book.

Bass Guitar Method Book

And here are bass guitar method books. This is all three levels in one book.

Keyboard/Piano (88-Keys)

For the price, this Yamaha P125 digital piano has the best touch/feel with weighted action. This is the main keyboard we use with our MainStage rig — great for learning piano up to connecting MIDI devices. You will want to get a Yamaha sustain pedal (or a sustain pedal with a polarity switch … as Yamaha keyboards are opposite other keyboards for sustain pedals).

If you decide to set this up in a home situation to learn to play piano, consider a stand and pedal set, listed here…

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