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Exciting News

Some exciting news! Beginning in August, I will be joining Cappital.co — a custom software company based out of California — working remotely as a Senior Product Manager.

I’m most excited for a few key reasons. First, the company’s CEO and president are Christ followers who desire to do meaningful kingdom work for God in the technology sector. Second, a remote position is huge in that it allows our family to stay plugged into our local community, church, school, etc. Finally, several of my personal passions intersect with the kind of work Cappital.co is already doing. For those who know me well, technology has been a sweet spot for me through the years. I tend to be forward-thinking according to Strengths Finder 2.0 — and when it couples with “belief” it tends to be a perfect setup. The icing on the cake is helping teams and clients achieve something meaningful together for God’s purposes. It’s as almost God wired me for a position and passion like this in mind.

Here’s a video overview about the Cappital.co team…

And if you missed my previous post, my final date at Pleasant Valley is Tuesday, August 3. My family and I plan to continue to attend Pleasant Valley — and to serve at the appropriate time and place. I am grateful for 25 wonderful years of vocational ministry inside the walls of the church. I’m looking forward to continued ministry in a unique way beyond the walls of the church in the coming days with Cappital.co — and in a ministry-partner capacity through Pleasant Valley.



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  1. Cliff Harper says:

    Great news Bryan – I know God has a plan and this looks like a great opportunity and a new chapter in your life. We all go through them. Stay strong and safe.

  2. Mary Petit says:

    Praise God for you to be able to do something you love!. So glad we continue to get to see you at PV. God is so good!!!

  3. Kent & Jan Haralson says:

    Okay, things have certainly advanced from when I broke into the Computer and Information Science (my M.S. degree) field in 1970 on IBM main frame computers using punched cards for input. I’d like to say that I could track with that “Cappital” info video, but, sadly much of that is now above my pay grade. All that to say that I am so very thrilled that you have found your sweet spot. In the six years that I have know you, you have always been a team builder and encourager and innovator. I’m especially glad to know of your desire to stay local and then become engaged as a “ministry partner” at the right time/place. That has been my own passion since “retiring” from full-time vocational ministry and it’s a great ride. Count us in on “Team Nelson.”

  4. LOREEN A YOUNG says:

    l am so happy for you as you start a new ministry. Thanks for sharing all of this and God continue to bless you in great ways as you continue to be a blessing to so many others.

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