Category: Creativity

Influence vs. Control

Sometimes I tend to micromanage teams. You probably do too. They are creatives — and they can smell it from a mile away. You know — when you start picking colors, choosing songs, or saying you want something to be moved another millimeter. Someone has to make those decisions. If you are a creative leader — it…
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Creativity: “Mind over Time”

What’s the hardest part of creativity? I think it’s being in the mindset to make something. How many times do I just not feel like doing it? How many times do I have I already feel the crunch of meeting that deadline for project? Many times once I get going then I have no problem…
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Creating without a purpose

Usually we create for a purpose. Rarely do we create without an end goal in mind. Here’s a musical idea that I put together — no real end purpose in mind. Enjoy.