Category: Sunday Sass

“The worst 20 minutes of my week”

WHAT HE SAID “Came to the chapel to get away from the music in the worship center — the music & the volume are the worst 20 minutes of my week when I am in the worship center.” WHAT I WANTED TO SAY I am thankful you have finally found refuge in our chapel service. I…
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“Maybe that’s why #’s are so low.”

WHAT SHE SAID “Really hoping for some good ol’ Easter songs we could sing. Maybe that’s why #’s are so low.” WHAT I WANTED TO SAY “Dear Sassy Sally. Thank you so much for your question or prayer request. I couldn’t agree more. Our selection of Christ the Lord Is Risen Today (1739) was likley too modern — and our creative…
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“I don’t like the smoke”

SUNDAY SASS What I wanted to reply: “Please attend one of our non-smoking satellite services……they meet Sunday at Chick-fil-A.” But this is probably how Jesus would respond… Dear _____________, I appreciate your helpful feedback regarding your recent experience at {name of your church}. Sharing preferences helps us in our ongoing efforts to craft a worship…
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