Meaningful Creative Work


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Here are some of the reasons we might be connecting…

  1. You are another creative leader in your organization! That’s what my full time gig too! I’m one of the creatives on staff at Pleasant Valley.
  2. You are a sucker for those lights synchronized to music around the holiday — and you maybe saw the libertylightshow.com — something our self-led team at Pleasant Valley put together. I love discussing how to leverage these kind of experiences to introduce people to the Creator.
  3. You are an audio junkie and found me through a side project called soundaudition.com — a web application built to test the ear of audio engineers.
  4. You are interested in virtual music groups or music sessions online through kcmusicstudio.com — but lots of fun to work on the projects of others!
  5. You are a project manager and tech junkie — and you likely use Slack, ToDoist, G-Suite … and you might even do some WordPress HTML, CSS, MySQL setups. I love all of this stuff…as love as it’s getting the job done and moving the ball.
  6. You care about the eternal over the temporal. The long-term game will always win out over the short term. If you think there’s more to this life than the daily grind — let’s talk. There is. And it’s worth investing in what will last forever!
  7. You are involved in entrepreneurship. I’ve have a few lessons I’ve learned along the way myself. Ask me about The Crosswalk Show, The Ultimate Guitar Jam w/ Phil Keaggy, Lancaster Brass Spectacular, or the Red, White, & Blast. Whether it’s guitars, fireworks, light displays or comedy talk shows — 

Let’s connect!