Creativity: “Mind over Time”

Creativity: “Mind over Time”

What’s the hardest part of creativity?

I think it’s being in the mindset to make something. How many times do I just not feel like doing it? How many times do I have I already feel the crunch of meeting that deadline for project? Many times once I get going then I have no problem creating something. But it’s the getting started that gets me. I recently read in David Kadavy’s book “Mind Management, Not Time Management” a quote by a sculpture named Constantin Brancusi… Things aren’t difficult to make; what is difficult is putting ourselves in the state of mind to make them.

What a great encouragement that you CAN make and create! Your confidence shouldn’t be found in whether or not you can or can’t create something great. It’s in the state of mind to create them that the battle is won. You can create! Just start. Be OK with the crappy first draft. You’ll make it better as you go. Other will help you. But if you struggle to be in the state of mind to create something — then make a list of things that get you into that state — and do those FIRST, before you launch into creating something.

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