Month: January 2021

Creativity: “Mind over Time”

What’s the hardest part of creativity? I think it’s being in the mindset to make something. How many times do I just not feel like doing it? How many times do I have I already feel the crunch of meeting that deadline for project? Many times once I get going then I have no problem…
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Music Stand app Planning Center Online tutorial

The age of digital music has been here for awhile. The Planning Center “Music Stand” app is downright amazing for many worship environment situations. Here’s a tutorial of how I tend to lay out music. If you are a Music Director or Worship Leader — I hope this is a help in being consistent with your…
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1.5 Hour Lunches

I recently read in Improv Leadership that Stan Endicott schedules 1.5 hours for lunch meetings. Wowza. That’s a chuck of time. He says it takes him that long to accomplish what he needs to — because he’s interested in more than just eating. He’s story mining. His point is that if you are get to know…
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Learn to Play Guitar Sessions 1-6

After swimming through $40k+ in family out of pocket medical bills — I decided to run an in-person guitar class to help stabilize things financially. A guitar class! Yup, that’s something I can do. And lots of people want to get started right on guitar. I had 10 people signed up and ready to go. Then…
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Creating without a purpose

Usually we create for a purpose. Rarely do we create without an end goal in mind. Here’s a musical idea that I put together — no real end purpose in mind. Enjoy.

Have a C.O.L.A. with your Team

Simple C.O.L.A. questions to ask a team after the weekend. What are we Celebrating? (God activity, what went well) What were Obstacles? (distractions from our goals, what could have gone better) What did we Learn? (things you learned for the first time, a brand new observation) What specific Action steps need to be taken this…
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The 7-Minute Sound Check

After years of frustrating back and forth between production and musicians — I finally made a solution to help get through sound checks in seven minutes. The concept isn’t complicated. It’s simply a guided click/guide track that calls out to the FOH and those on In Ear Monitor (IEM). It leverages a specific sound check song…
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